Speaking at Confitura and JDD

13 01 2020

World class conferences in Poland – Confitura and JDD – hosted me as a speaker. Both are important events.

JDD was so special because I was there as a selected speaker from Warsaw JUG to take part in JUG Master contest. Didn’t win, I must admit, but anyway – It was fun :) and this afterparty… Well, that was something! Recording is below. From speech, not the afterparty ;)

On Confitura there was a huge audience and very good questions after the lecture. Participants of Confitura are true experts, searching for a new inspirations!

Confitura recording:

On both conferences I had a strong support from my company. Good feeling :)

J/vaCon Warsaw!

13 04 2019


It was just a third meeting of this new meetup group but they’re already at the full speed! J/vaCon #3 was a very nice event! Organizers are full of energy and very commited.

I was there talking about automated tests – explaining what is the unit in unit tests and why it should be more than a method or a class.

Audience was big and very open! Thank you all! :)




Speaking at Warsaw Java User Group

28 03 2019

I was speaking about automated tests: unit and integration testing approach. See description here: https://www.meetup.com/Warszawa-JUG/events/258813049/ 

It was a very good meeting! The room was full and we had interesting discussions during that evening.

Video is here (in Polish)

And materials (slides + source code) here: https://github.com/yacekmm/testingDemo 


Testing Spring applications

14 06 2014

Very good reference conference speech about Spring applications testing strategies and frameworks. Older Spring apps (with web.xml) are covered, as well as the spring 3+, where config is made by annotations and Java Classes.

Unit and Integration tests are presented. The speech itself is conducted with quite monotonic voice, however it is fully packed with information, knowledge and live demos:

Best Android TDD tutorials

17 03 2012

There is not very much help on android Test Driven Development on the Internet. However I can recommend some tutorials listed below and desribed with details further in text. Most of examples covers the temperature converter which is surely very poor example of Android application… And definitely not the real life case of the killer app…

1. YouTube podcast just to relax and listen at the very beginning

2. Diego Torres lecture (the best so far)

3. Android Application Testing from Packt – worth giving a try if the two above are not enough

Reasons for my recommendations:

1. In order jus to listen as an introduction it is worth to spend 5 minutes on this YouTube podcast. There is no technical details mentioned, just basics and assumptions on TDD. Really good to listen to have some high – level information about what You are going to learn and use.

2. All the necessary basics are covered by Diego Torres lectures. Some theoretical introduction and practical examples of UI and logic testing. This is of course not everything that is needed to do TDD in Android, but it’s the best starting point. There is no details about ActivityUnitTestCase, which is also important to use in Android App testing.

3. Book requires much more time and concentration to read so it is recommended only if two above sorces are not enough (they aren’t in my case). Is it worth reading? As I heven’t found nothing better – it seems to be. It is not the best one. Still searching…

If there are more tutorials hidden on the Internet – please let me know! :)

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