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19 11 2016

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There are several courses that takes 2 to 4 hours to attend so no excuses :)

Online ‘learning-by-doing’ courses I attended – was it worth the money?

22 10 2016

There are more and more online courses available. The ‘Learning by doing’ are in my particular interest. Here I want to:

– list the courses or sites I attended and write a short summary

– know the same from your side – feel free to add your thoughts on online courses.


Where I have been

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania linux academy

About: Linux Academy is about the Ops part of software development. It teaches basics and advanced concepts of clouds, infrastructure automation, containers and so on.

Good? yes. Currently I am during the Ansible course and I recommend it.

Why? There are short lectures and so called ‘server lab’ where you can create up to six cloud servers and do all the exercises on them.

Why not? n/a


Code School

About: For learning web development (HTML, JS, CSS). Starting from real basics to advanced Topics.

Good? yes. I did HTML, JS and CSS (partially also git). JS starts from real basics but ends with quite important advanced topics.

Why? You have code editor online, so you do all the exercises online, have instant feedback

Why not? Maybe first you’d like to try CodeAcademy (below) which is free.


About: For web development basics

Good? yes, as a starting point. If you need more advanced topics, go to CodeSchool

Why? Its free and good. Exercises and course is held in a browser

Why not? if you need advanced topics, go to CodeSchool.


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania industrial logic

About: Courses teaching Design Patterns, Refactorings, Code Smells detection for Object Oriented Languages. Advanced topics for practitioners.

Good? yes. The exercises you do on your IDE with their plugin installed. Plugin traces all your steps on doing the exercises and provides you with the feedback assessing not only your result but also the style you’ve reached it – I liked the feedback

Why? Practical application of refactoring techniques, Design Patterns with automated IDE refactorings / shortcuts

Why not? very expensive!


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania coursera

About: various set of courses, not only for developers. I did only the Scala course there.

Good? yes, but probably depends on course. Scala course was well prepared, with practical exercises in your IDE

Why? free site, with a lot of courses. You can always start doing one. Coursera has schedule so encourages you to regular attendance

Why not? n/a


Where I haven’t been

Treehouse, lynda, pluralsight, edX. But are they even interactive courses or just a set of video tutorials? Let me hear from you!

Online coding courses on CodeAcademy and CodeSchool

22 03 2014

Coding is not to be learned by reading books and knowing theory, but by coding in practice. There are coding courses on these sites, however the real experience can be gathered on interactive coding lessons when you learn by doing coding.

Sites that have it are CodeAcademy (free) and CodeSchool (free trials, paid when accessing more courses).

How does it work?

The idea is to code during course. User gets short instructions and explanations and can write code to see how it really works. When something gone wrong with his code, he is instructed how to fix it. The learning windows looks as follows:

My progress 

I am running the CodeAcademy courses on JavaScript, HTML & CSS and jQuery. Although I started using these technologies some time ago, it was good to neaten my knowledge. I have to admit that JavaScript course starts with basics, so the interesting part started after passing 50% of it :) Here is my current progress right now:


Coursera & edX: take online courses for free

6 04 2013

There is plenty of various tutorials, videos and training materials on the web, however finding the one concise and valuable course may be difficult.


Coursera is a place where you can find courses of many kinds: Arts, Economy, Education, IT and many more.


These are organized and scheduled lectures with new lecture published weekly. All of them define how much time per week you need to devote (mostly it is about 4-6 hours per week). Courses are held by universities and experts. One of the best categories is Information, Tech and Design for UX experts. Some interesting courses are: Human – Computer Interaction (9weeks), Gamification (6 weeks) and Information Theory (15 weeks).

All of them are totally free.


The same applies to edX – a lot of world class academies and universities.


Wide range of topics is surely tempting, however I did not try these courses. Some examples are: Software as a Service from Berkeley or The Challenges of Global Poverty from MIT. 

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