Speaking at Confitura and JDD

13 01 2020

World class conferences in Poland – Confitura and JDD – hosted me as a speaker. Both are important events.

JDD was so special because I was there as a selected speaker from Warsaw JUG to take part in JUG Master contest. Didn’t win, I must admit, but anyway – It was fun :) and this afterparty… Well, that was something! Recording is below. From speech, not the afterparty ;)

On Confitura there was a huge audience and very good questions after the lecture. Participants of Confitura are true experts, searching for a new inspirations!

Confitura recording:

On both conferences I had a strong support from my company. Good feeling :)

Speaking at Devoxx Poland!

5 08 2019

Devoxx Poland is the biggest and the greatest Java conference in Poland. Since its beginning I missed only one edition. And this year was special as I joined it as a speaker!

Being selected as a speaker is a truly meaningful fact. Proving that what I have to say is interesting for the event at that scale.

I was thrilled to see 250 people from all over the Europe, listening to the idea I’m sharing. And getting feedback that they not only liked it, but also will try to use it in their daily work!

I hope it was a mind-opening session that everyone expects to see at the event of this brand.

Was it? Go on, check by yourself :)

J/vaCon Warsaw!

13 04 2019


It was just a third meeting of this new meetup group but they’re already at the full speed! J/vaCon #3 was a very nice event! Organizers are full of energy and very commited.

I was there talking about automated tests – explaining what is the unit in unit tests and why it should be more than a method or a class.

Audience was big and very open! Thank you all! :)




Speaking at Warsaw Java User Group

28 03 2019

I was speaking about automated tests: unit and integration testing approach. See description here: https://www.meetup.com/Warszawa-JUG/events/258813049/ 

It was a very good meeting! The room was full and we had interesting discussions during that evening.

Video is here (in Polish)

And materials (slides + source code) here: https://github.com/yacekmm/testingDemo 



9 08 2014

karomile.com was supposed to be a simple in a design but rich in content. This is a karomile’s photo site developed by me, according to her concept and design. After the PayTogether Android app, this is another project in my portfolio – web development is my skill as well (also in much more advanced designs, responsive layouts and JavaScript logic).

Site design is very nice, and makes perfect match with brilliant photos:



Technically it is a web page with client side processing, made with HTML, CSS and JavaScript with few JS libraries like Unveil, Masonry, ImagesLoaded (read more here) and Google Analytics, not to mention jQuery :) CSS has media queries to make it responsive for mobile devices.

Site will evolve, since the content will get constantly updated and maybe technically I’d need to respond to it (for example by paging or endless scroll), so don’t be surprised if current site layout does not match the screenshot above :)

Meet me at 4developers conference!

15 03 2014

Warsaw, 7th of April 2014, the 4developers conference will take place. Last year edition was full of outstanding speeches and workshops, therefore I am really honored to be the speaker in this year’s edition!


Together with Łukasz Roth, who inspired and initiated our talk, we’ll be talking about the way how the interaction designer can collaborate with software developers within the Scrum team to build impressive app that meets user’s needs, is good looking and developed in an Agile way.

I am really excited to take part in this event with Łukasz as the speakers, as well as to be the auditor on other sessions and meet all those people attending the event!

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