9 08 2014

karomile.com was supposed to be a simple in a design but rich in content. This is a karomile’s photo site developed by me, according to her concept and design. After the PayTogether Android app, this is another project in my portfolio – web development is my skill as well (also in much more advanced designs, responsive layouts and JavaScript logic).

Site design is very nice, and makes perfect match with brilliant photos:



Technically it is a web page with client side processing, made with HTML, CSS and JavaScript with few JS libraries like Unveil, Masonry, ImagesLoaded (read more here) and Google Analytics, not to mention jQuery :) CSS has media queries to make it responsive for mobile devices.

Site will evolve, since the content will get constantly updated and maybe technically I’d need to respond to it (for example by paging or endless scroll), so don’t be surprised if current site layout does not match the screenshot above :)


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