C4: A way to design the system architecture

20 09 2014

Context -> Container -> Component -> Class is an approach to design system architecture. The first three are definetely the responsibility of an architect, but the class diagram is mostly dependant on developers’ approach.

I like this model, because I used its concepts and it helped me much on an early stages of system design.

Clear and informative infographic explains the concept well:


Microservice architecture discussion

23 08 2014

Microservice architecture is a quite new concept which currently I am fond of. I am gaining more and more experience and practical knowledge about its strengts and weaknesses as well. Until the system is deployed, still new conclusions appear.

And new articles appear on the web. I would like to share an article that is a proof that not everyone sees microservices the same way. There are of course new challenges in such design, totally different than in plain old monolyth apps, and of course big advantages. Thiere is a trade off – What is better.

Here is an article, woth reading to know other’s opinion on topic: http://contino.co.uk/microservices-not-a-free-lunch/


Surely not everything should be done as microservice, not everything fits, but I am afraid that authors’ doubts make him think that monolythic is not that bad. I mean, Iagree with arguments that API design is a challenge, however good API is crucial for an app, for a class and for system! this makes system responsibilities well defined, clear and testable.

So mostly I agree with author that these are challenges, however in my opinion microservices requires a good, well defined design from developers. Implementing a good design is challenging and not easy. Good software development is not a free lunch, neither are microservices. So I do not agree that things described in article are something new for developers. We all follow good designds. Aren’t we…?

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