The new Technology Radar is here!

25 01 2015

The new Technology Radar is realeased: My impressions are:

Languages an Frameworks

– ‘Adopt’ Java 8,

AngularJS in its ‘trial’, encouraging you to use it

– Spring Boot after a year of official release in the ‘assess’ phase – its maturity still waiting to be confirmed

– on the contrary – JSF in a hold phase


Microservices assessment (HOLD) is very interesting:

“We remain convinced that microservices can offer significant advantages to organizations, in terms of improving team autonomy and faster frequency of change. The additional complexity that comes from distributed systems requires an additional level of maturity and investment. We are concerned that some teams are rushing in to adopting microservices without understanding the changes to development, test, and operations that are required to do them well. Our general advice remains simple. Avoidmicroservice envy and start with one or two services before rushing headlong into developing more, to allow your teams time to adjust and understand the right level of granularity.”

I tend to agree with all statements, regarding my experience with microservices, but ‘hold’ phase is a little bit to stringent.




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