Tutorial: Install Monkey Talk in less than 30 minutes and benefit from it

9 11 2013

Each Android / iOS developer should use Monkey Talk, not only for testing purposes, but also to make his life easier. Each developer knows how often one must go through the same path while developing an app – so it’s not just for testers.

With Monkey Talk you can easily record script with repeatable steps and let it do it for you. Meanwhile you can just take another sip of coffe, watching how it clicks on its own.

This post shares two links that are enough to follow to install and configure MonkeyTalk.

1. How to install Monkey Talk?

Here is very solid step by step instruction how to install monkey Talk.

2. Connect to your Android / iOS device

When connecting to an emulator the case is simple, but when you want to connect to physical device, it should be in the same WiFi network. You just need to enter the IP address in Monkey Talk IDE. Here is the description how to do it.

Did I help you?

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8 02 2014
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12 05 2015

You have not done anything new. just write some lines and link that with official site of cloudmonkey then why should somebody donate money.. :)

16 08 2016


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