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6 04 2013

There is plenty of various tutorials, videos and training materials on the web, however finding the one concise and valuable course may be difficult.


Coursera is a place where you can find courses of many kinds: Arts, Economy, Education, IT and many more.


These are organized and scheduled lectures with new lecture published weekly. All of them define how much time per week you need to devote (mostly it is about 4-6 hours per week). Courses are held by universities and experts. One of the best categories is Information, Tech and Design for UX experts. Some interesting courses are: Human – Computer Interaction (9weeks), Gamification (6 weeks) and Information Theory (15 weeks).

All of them are totally free.


The same applies to edX – a lot of world class academies and universities.


Wide range of topics is surely tempting, however I did not try these courses. Some examples are: Software as a Service from Berkeley or The Challenges of Global Poverty from MIT. 

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