Mobile cross-platform programming frameworks

21 04 2012

It is possible to develop one application that will run on several mobile platforms (like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian etc.). Such cross-platform frameworks are mased mainly on HTML5 and gives access to native phone sensors and devices such as for example accelerometer, camera, gps or contact book.

Here are popular platforms for mobile cross-platform programming:

  1. PhoneGap
  2. Marmalade
  3. Unity3D
  4. RhoElements
  5. Kivy

PhoneGap is the most popular I suppose Platforms and features it supports is impressive: Features support. The framework itself looks promising, however there are some drawbacks. One of them is browser efficiency on Android. That limits the possibility to use PhoneGap in games development. Phonegap is good for standard types of applications and it is free. It is worth to take a look at JQtouch – jQuery lib tht can be incorporated in PhoneGap apps.

Marmalade seems to be designed for cross-platform mobile games development (according to website information). Some 3D games screenshots presented on website looks impressive. It also has quite big developers network, so support may be guaranteed. Marmelade is not free.

Unity3D is a 3D engine that truly works cross-platform. I’ve seen some apps on Android phone, iPhone and in a computer web browser. It works well and is very popular.

RhoElements is made by Motorola. Website does not provide a lot of information, and I personally did not have an opportunity to try it live. So there is not very much to say about it untill one will give it a try… :)

Kivy seems to be the smallest project among the other three mentioned. it is open source and supports limited number of platforms. It is open source, free and still being developed.

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