Installing JIRA & GreenHopper on Linux

27 07 2013

JIRA with GreenHopper is software that facilitates issues and Scrum Projects management. It has tools to maintain Product and Sprint Backlogs. Here is instruction how to install it on Linux platform.

1. Install JIRA on Linux machine

Everything is well described here, so just follow these instructions. After this step you can open the web interface at localhost:port.

2. Set up your MySQL database

JIRA requires DB to store its data. It has some built in DB but it is no recommended to use in production.┬áSo after you installed JIRA and opened its Web UI, you have an URL that points to the instructions how to set up JIRA’s DB.

Instructions specific for MySQL are here.

3. Configure JIRA using Wizard

Go to your web UI and follow the instructions on wizard. You can find Help here.

4. Install GreenHopper

GreenHopper is installed by wizard from MarketPlace when you first create Agile Scrum project.

Integrating JIRA with Apache

I wanted my JIRA to run on port 80 to make sure that it won’t be blocked by firewalls. I couldn’t set up JIRA itself to behave so, so I used CentOS Apache with Proxy configured. Thanks to this, JIRA still runs on port 8000, however it is accessed through Apache on port 80. This Integration is also well described here by Atlassian.

Uninstalling JIRA

Can be done with just one command. Follow instructions here.

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