Recent ThoughtWorks Tech Radar

7 05 2016

If you were wondering whether the technology, trend or tool is worth investing your time and effort, the Tech Radar by ThoughtWorks may help you making the decision.

The analysis is based on observations and predictions. New editions come periodially and here is always the recent one:

Some highlits that interested me the most in that edition:


  • Jenkins 2.0 as deployment pipeline is on hold – still the build pipeline generation is not a first-class-citizen since it is still based on plugins. Authors says that it could be done better. I suppose that it recommendation considers only the pipeline, not the CI itself
  • Apache Kafka is on trial – although quite widely used in industry. Authors have a pragmtic approach building the report

Languages & Frameworks

  • Spring Boot to adopt – seems to be obvious choice right now, so those who bet on it few years ago were right (lucky me!)
  • React.js to adopt – as a JS framework with one-way binding, providing the loose coupling on the front side


  • Docker! Docker! Docker!


  • GitFlow on hold! That’s right. Authors noted that feature branches tend to stand away from master / develop branch for too long. That causes the merge / integration problems. So the point is to use GitFlow wisely. Feature branch and merge request that have 2 days of coding in it are far too big.



2 responses

15 05 2016
Piotr Pietrzak

I believe we should not listen to ThoughtWorks with Jenkins stuff. They develop their own tool to provide pipelines, but more and more companies adopts pure Jenkins or Jenkins with JobDSL to manage their pipelines. There is a conflict in ThoughtWorks: better advise wisely (to adopt stable jenkins with job dsl to model pipelines) or sell another licence of “go” (to convince devops to commit suicide)?

16 05 2016
Jacek Milewski

I agree – They even admit it in the justification of their assessment.

The radar is just a one point of view. Personally I am often surprised that some item is placed in that section or another. Referring it to my experience and observations sometimes causes clash.

Anyway it is always good to see how others are considering certain tools :)

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