DevDay 2013 Conference video online!

12 10 2013

DevDay 2013 was an impressive conference – regarding the knowledge, speakers and atmosphere (including the city it was held in: Kraków, Poland). And now – the videos from all sessions are online!

I strongly recommend wathing them. My favourites sessions ar listed below. Order matters. It is sorted:

  • descending based on amount of knowledge transfer (from most knowledge to least). But please do not think, that last point is bad. All speeches are great! In particular – Rob Ashton’s speech is obligatory to watch :)
  • ascending based on amount of laugh provided :) (from least humorous to most)

Here they are:

  1. Marco Cecconi – “The Architecture of StackOverflow” – great talk! Marco told much about their architecture and strategy and was very open to show live monitoring from StackOverflow server infrastructure! It was impressing. He also mentioned about ‘Jon Skeet problem’ :) Watch video to know what it actually is :)
  2. Patrick Kua – “Implementing Continuous Delivery” – Patrick is woring at ThoughWorks and is friend of Martin Fowler :) His speech was very concrete and interesting
  3. Jon Skeet – “Back to basics: the mess we’ve made of our fundamental data types” – Jon Skeet is a guru. No matter what he talks about – it definetely willbe impressive speech. And the one at DevDay was impressive. Sense of humour, a lot of anegdotes and mind-opening content – must watch!
  4. Rob Ashton – “The software journeyman’s guide to being homeless and jobless” – the best closing speech one can have. A lot of humour and energy, without technological insights. Really worth watching to get familiar with alternative way of living that Rob lives…

The rest of speeches you can find here:

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28 10 2013
Veaceslav Grec

Thanks for sharing the videos!

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