Distractions: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains

20 07 2013

While working with the computer man is constantly suffering for multiple events happening randomly: new mail, new tweet etc. Watch this video – it explains what I mean:

And now reflection

How many times during this video your thoughts were distracted?

It lasted only 4 minutes…

I mean:

Can you do nothing for 2 minutes?

I bet it is hard for you. Please try to do it on Alex’s Tew webpage: DoNothingFor2Minutes.com

Who likes working with multitaskers?

We are not multitaskers. We are able to do only one task at a time. Some may think that they are able to do few things simultaneously, but they can’t – they only think they can. In fact they are doing both tasks with lower attention than they would pay if they would do them separately.

Just think for a moment: Would you prefer to talk to a person that is concentrated only on talking to you or that is doing something else at a time?

Was this entry too long for you? :P

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