Play sound in Android tutorial

6 10 2012

To play sounds in android you can use SoundPool. My solution is based on a SoundUtils class having two methods (in simpliest scenario). Audio files has to be in /res/raw/

  • initTiltSounds(Context context) loads sounds from resources and sets boolean flag after it has finished loading. If flag is false it means that sounds can’t be played yet, so in my case I call it in OnCreate method
  • playSound(AudioManager audioManager) plays sounds loaded in previous method

My SoundUtils looks as follows:

public class SoundUtils {

	private static final String LOG_TAG = SoundUtils.class.getSimpleName();

	private SoundPool soundPool;
	private boolean soundsLoaded = false;
	private int soundID;

	public void initTiltSounds(Context context) {
		soundPool = new SoundPool(10, AudioManager.STREAM_MUSIC, 0);

		soundPool.setOnLoadCompleteListener(new OnLoadCompleteListener() {
		public void onLoadComplete(SoundPool soundPool, int sampleId, int status) {
				soundsLoaded = true;
		soundID = soundPool.load(context, R.raw.swosh_sound_effect, 1);

	public void playSound(AudioManager audioManager) {
		float actualVolume = (float) audioManager.getStreamVolume(AudioManager.STREAM_MUSIC);
		if (soundsLoaded), actualVolume, actualVolume, 1, 0, 1f);
			Log.e(LOG_TAG, "Tilt Sound not loaded");

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