JSF & RichFaces table with dynamic columns and rows

11 08 2012

To build JSF table (picture below) where subcol3-1, subcol3-… and subcol3-n are known at the runtime, not earlier, you need to use <c:forEach> from JSTL library. Rich:dataTable is insufficient due to the reasons mentioned at the end of that post

Table with dynamic columns that has to be built

Corresponding JSF code for this table is:

		<th colspan="#{variable_indicating_dynamic_columns_count}">column-3</th>
		<c:forEach items="#{Java_ArrayList<String>_with_dynamic_columns_labels}" var="colLabel">
			<!-- colLabels in this templates is ArrayList containing: [subcol.3-1, subcol.3-..., subcol.3-n] -->

	<c:forEach items="#{table_row_java_object}"
			<td>#{item.dataRow_x-1}</td>	<!-- value for row x, column-1 -->
			<td>#{item.dataRow_x-2}</td>	<!-- value for row x, column-2 -->

			<!-- values for row x, dynamic columns: dyn-data col 1,	dyn-data col ?,	dyn-data col n -->
			<rich:columns value="#{item.ArrayList_with_values_to_put_in_dynamic_columns}"
				var="column" index="index">			
				<h:outputText value="#{item.ArrayList_with_values_to_put_in_dynamic_columns[index].value_field}" />

Here you operate on List of Java Objects (table_row_java_object) – each object is one row. Moreover, each row object contains two ArrayLists with same size for each row – first of them contains dynamic columns labels (Strings), second one – corresponding values. Preferable you should also extract dynamic columns labels to JAva Bean to handle table headers more easily. Additionaly two other columns fields should be present – item.dataRow_x-1 and item.dataRow_x-2.

Why don’t use rich:dataTable?
rich:columns tag is just like c:forEach, and c:forEach is built earlier than rich:dataTable in JSF lifecycle. See RichFaces explanation:

The <rich:columns> tag is initialized during components tree building process. This process precedes page rendering at “Render Response” JSF phase. To be rendered properly the component needs all it variables to be initialized while the components tree is being building. Ajavax.servlet.jsp.JspTagException occurs if <rich:columns> uses variables passed from other components, if these variables are initialized during rendering. Thus, when <rich:columns> is asking for such variables they do not already exist. Use <c:forEach> JSP standard tag as workaround.

Please read details carefully here. This is rich:dataTable is not used in my example.

Where from do I know that?

This is the knowledge compiled from all of sources below. It’s ‘enough’ to read them carefully

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18 10 2012

Tnx for your post. It helped me a lot. :)

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