Globe visitors’ hit counter

9 06 2012

Some time ago I’ve found nice, eye-catching hit count visualization (free). This is a 3D JavaScript Earth animation with clicks on Your site marked from all over the world. Each click is marked on the globe depending where from it came.

I’ve found it on NUI group forum page. It’s a non-profit community concentrated on Natural User Interface research. In this page context, it is very interesting where all members come from and who visits the forum. But on the other pages – it may be a mistake.

But on the other side, I have left NUI group page just to find out more about that hit counter… Counter takes user’s interest. It is good practice to use eye-catching gadgets, but they shouldn’t obscure content of the web page itself.

I recall first basic HTML pages at school, where hit counters measured popularity of mine basic, poor designed page. And intention was just to have some cool gadgets on it to increase fun factor, as there was no other content at all

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