Best Youtube videos phenomenon

2 06 2012

TEDYouth is new series of TEDTalks, where I suppose will be less talks about problems and more about the phenomenas. Like this talk about YouTube most viewed videos:

Why do people post videos on the Internet? Cause all of us wants to be a star. So this is the way to make people dreams come true. Or at least make people feel like a star. Being on the YouTube can be compared to being in the TV few years ago.

Why videos like ‘Friday’, ‘Nyan cat’ or ‘Double rainbow’ became hits? Answer is given by Kevin Allocca. Two factors are important: unexpectedness and trend makers that will make video popular (by Tweets for example).

This is very interesting and humorous talk, forcing to think about the future of media. Will there be no need to make a movies in future and only YouTube hits will be played in cinemas?



2 responses

9 07 2012
Andy Res

Very interesting presentation, I enjoyed it!

9 07 2012
Jacek Milewski

I’m glad You liked it :))

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