Best Android programming tutorials

22 02 2012

There is a lot of android programming tutorials on the Internet. Reading Android books is not necessary and seems to be waste of time. It is good to watch 10 minute Youtube screencast to dive in the topic before reading a book with details.

I crawled for some valuable and short tutorials. I have my personal notes with essential info from them – feel free to contact me if You wish to see them. Here are three best tutorials:

  1. Android Developers tutorial (required to start)
  2. Tim’s screencast (optional)
  3. Android programming on slideshare (the best!)
  4. MimirSoft YouTube screencast (introduces quite interesting Android topics not found in another lessons)
  5. Android bootcamp YouTube Screencast (Recommended, although I did not fully watched it)

A brief description of items mentioned above:

Hello Android

First place where beginner should take a look is official Android Developers page with very clear environment configuration instructions and Hello Android tutorial. It takes about 3 hours to complete both. It is a must to go step by step to config environment.

A bit more advanced screencast (optional)

If You still don’t feel confident You can watch Tim’s screencast on Youtube. He introduces and shows some basics. It can be helpful to watch and get some more theoretical experience. It takes about 2 hous to watch all videos. I am sure there are better tutorials, however I stick to this one as it is short and consistent.

Android lectures by Vladimir Kulyukin

Vladimir Kulyukin is an Associate Professor at Department of Computer Science in Utah State University. He shares his lectures slides on the Internet. In my opinion these are very useful and advanced enough to feel more confident in Android. There are basics and more advanced topics presented in power point but also Youtube screencasts with professor’s comments are included. Prof. Kulyukin also draws live some things helping to understand lecture (using MS Paint I suppose :P) and gives valuable comments connected to it. It really looks OK!.

There is 14 lectures, each one takes at least 1 hour to learn, so it is not an activity for one evening. However worth spending time. Feel free to skip some topics that does not interest You.

MimirSoft screencast (including interesting topics)

This is not yet another Android programming tutorial. It introduces topics like ViewHolder, JSON, array adapters and some more things that are really used in real-life programming.

Android bootcamp

A lot of best practices and bad habits are mentioned here. Also fully functional app is build as an example. I also recommend getting know with these Screencasts.

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8 responses

28 02 2012

“Since few days I became” looks like Polish :)

28 02 2012
Jacek Milewski

Bulls eye! :p

Time to change wording here :) looks like You know PolEnglish well too…

24 03 2012

Thanks for sharing these links.

However, I have to say that I do not agree with you in regards that it’s much better and effective to watch 10 minute of Youtube screencast than read 100 pages of best book.

Now to understand me correctly, I do not want to underestimate the work of guys who write and publish video tutorials, as personally I write Android Tutorials too, and learned a lot from other guys, but there are things you will find only in good books.

I would recommend to begin learning Android on tutorials and books on the same time, in parallel. Tutorials will give you “speed” – learning something from tutorials you will be able to see your results faster, and on the other side, Books will strength your knowledge, …in my opinion :).

Could I please you to add an optional link to my blog too, in your list of tutorials: Usually I write on intermediate and advanced level.


24 03 2012
Jacek Milewski

Would You recommend some book then? I would like to give it a try :)

21 01 2013
25 02 2013
Android Newbie

I am new to Android and am looking for some good end-to-end tutorials on developing apps for the market. More often i come across sites which teach basic concepts and doesn’t take you to the next level. I found this site interesting –

Could you please point out more resources like these from your personal notes. Thanks.

3 03 2013
Jacek Milewski

Sure! here are some additional articles that I followed in my Android development:

1. AdMob – how to add ads to your mobile app:
(first you must create AdMob account)

3. Register for publisher account on Google Play:

2. publishing on Google Play
Some steps are required to publich app, like providing screenshots, descriptions, testing on multiple devices, etc. Here is checklist from google:

Regarding steps between the HelloWorld app and publishing your product to Google Play – actually the whole Android part of this blog is about it – how to build specific components, solve some issues and so on – it is up to you what kind of app You build and how you do it.

What I’ve written is a baseline – of course the more time and effort you put in your app, the better it will be. Basically there are three steps: Design, Build and Publish. It is up to You how much work you will do at each of this step!


5 04 2013
AzMi Kurniawan

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