Remote use of VisualVM with Xming

10 02 2012

Regarding post about problems with remote monitoring here is some more help needed when cases described in this post fails.

This solution will work even if your remote host is hidden behind firewall, NAT etc. Having SSH access to it is enough. You will need Putty and XMing.

1. Put the visualVM files on the remote host (it does not require installation) e.g. in:


2. Open putty session to remote server, enabling X11 forwarding:

X11 forwarding in putty

X11 forwarding in putty

3. Run XMing on local machine (standard configuration). It will start listening for X11 connections.
4a. Then, using Putty, from a remote command line, launch visualVM on the server. It will forward X11 connection to local machine, where XMing is listening. Sample command to start XMing:


4b. If simply launching visualVM does not help then try to point the java JDK path in the command line. Mine command looks like this:

/root/visualvm_133/bin/visualvm --jdkhome /usr/java/jdk1.6.0_12/

5. VisualVM should now appear in XMing window and it is ready to be used. Keep putty session opened while using XMing.

This will surely work! Let me know if any comments on this tutorial will appear :)

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2 responses

30 10 2013

Hi, that looks easy, unfortunately, nothing happens when I start visual VM (also with the jdkhome switch). Do I have to have special X11 settings on the server? XMing is installed and seems to be waiting. Any ideas?

30 10 2013
Jacek Milewski

hard to say. I did not have any special settings beside ones described here

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