Password recovery with power cord

3 02 2012

Apple will do it. Company has placed a new patent call. Idea is to be able to recover  forgotten password (laptop, tablet, smartphone) using charger, docking station or monitor. Point is that if somebody will steal Your iPhone, probably he will not have access to Your (unique) charger.

What else can be put in a charger?...

These ‘stationery’ devices will have storage with key to decrypt password and unlock the device. This will encourage users to set stronger passwords and increase convenience, overall, resulting in increased security.

The ‘bad’ factor is that if user has also charger stolen… well, this is dead end. This case’s probablility will be low in the future since the battery life increase will be significant. Chargers will be left at home more often. This is the future, according to Apple.

I wonder what about inductive wireless chargers (e.g. this presented at CES 2012)? I hoped that this would be the future. Imagine… no cords…

Another question is… will this password recovery feature make iPhone charger plug even bigger? :) Fans won’t bear larger hole in their iPhones. It looks huge compared to my tiny, standard microUSB HTC plug.

iPhone charger plug

All in all – for sure such service will increase users’ experience even more… brilliant idea!

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