Why iPad did not fail?

27 01 2012

Tablets are popular and eagerly used. Do You think that their shipment was a mistake? Even if You do not own one (as me) – probably not. Tablets became the new must-have devices.

Imagine Apple asking users three years ago (when tablet idea appeared in their labs): ‘Do You want to have a big, expensive smartphone without camera and flash support – just to browse the Internet?’. If they would ask about it – iPad would never exist.

It’s worth to remind what was the reaction after iPad appeared. I’ve found recently some articles (about 2 years old) pointing reasons why iPad is a huge mistake and nobody needs it. My favorite is: ‘5 Reasons Why Apple’s iPad Tablet Will Fail‘. Some others are here, here and here. It’s certain that 2 years ago I would agree with most of these articles.

So why it did not fail?! That’s magical to have such power and influence on the market and human needs. Hard to imagine how to get it. Just money? Lifestyle? Leadership?

This may be about what I written here – people have hidden needs and the task is to discover it and satisfy. The problem is that people don’t know how to express their needs. R&D role then is just… to guess. Using only intuition? Or deep market analysis? Or something else… but… how? Were smartphones really not enough? And would we even have smartphones without Apple?

How do they do that?… Man’s mind is so limited…

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