Maslow missed something!

18 01 2012

Well – people tend to like Maslows hierarchy because it puts a bit of order in their lives in a very simple and intuitive way. It just tells that a man can reach hapiness in few well defined steps. Omitting one of levels causes disruptons. Simply a guideline to follow to reach hapiness.


Maslow's hierarchy

Article says that over 60 years old schema may miss one element – social factor. Human would not be able to survive, without cooperation with others. The thesis is true since prehistory. It would be hard to hunt for a single man. Social networking is a must in each of the Maslows levels. For example level 3 – belonging and love.

Author proposes then that the schema should not be a pyramid. But would it be so catchy and intuitive for everyone then? No :) The success of Maslow’s pyramid is… that this is a pyramid – simple and looks OK! Surely easier to understand than schema like this [source]:

New Maslow

Maslow Rewired

However author is right saying that technology’s success is underlying not in creating new needs, but in addressing these that already exists. Facebook did not create a need for social aspect in people’s lives – the need always existed but for all these ages (since prehistory!) there was no such tool utilizing it. Following an example in the article – teenagers used to meet their friends on weekends not because the weekend was the best time, but because it was the only time when they could borrow a car from parents. It is changing because technology allowed it – transportation now is easier.

Technology is poor!

The truth is that whole this super-advanced technology is still very poor. There is still plenty of needs that can’t be satisfied. Why transportation takes so long? Why there are car accidents? Why we can’t just press a button and have our laptop ready to work in one second and why computer games requires long lasting installation? Why phone talk hasn’t evolved for so long? It is still just a poor quality voice communication. Why I can’t smell my fiancees parfume during phone talk or at least hear her in quality better than 8kHz while I can have mobile internet transfer rate about 300Mb/s using the same device?!?

Technology is poor. Or in other words – it is just as good as its creator – human. Optimistic part is that there is still a lot to do. Lucky me – the one, who is responsible for doing it! :) A lot of human needs are to be discovered and satisfied. There is chance to be a winner with an “innovative” product. Answering needs that exists for ages… After discovering them first. 

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